How To Play Standard Songs With Confidence #1 & #2

Learn to play your favorite standard songs with confidence

Both popular videos are included in this package. Boost your confidence when it comes to presenting your favorite songs with absolute confidence.

Despite being able read melodies and play chords, so many aspiring piano stylists seem to lack that "certain something" that lets the listener instantly know whether or not this player is in command. This popular combo pack will show you what it takes to play your favorite tunes with the kind of confidence that gets noticed.

In order to perform a standard song with confidence, you must be able to get it to flow. You will always "play your attitude." This means that if you "try" to make a melody sound good, it will sound like you are trying. If you are sure of what you are playing, that rings true for all to hear and enjoy. If you are ready to make this transition, now is your time.

Many people are also looking for a kickstart when it comes to knowing what to play with that left hand. They know their chords but a common question is, "What should I do with these chords to sound good?" You will be put in touch with workable left hand playing techniques that are both relatively easy to implement and certainly effective when it comes to performing those tunes in a way that shows people you know what you are doing.

Two videos and keyboard animations are included for your enjoyment. You can download them to your favorite device or watch online.

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