Jazz piano chord voicings online program

 Jazz piano chord voicings program - 25 lessons available via instant online access.

ProProach is an online program that consists of 25 lessons. Each lesson includes a comprehensive textual tutorial supplemented with a corresponding pdf file. Each lesson includes a video demonstration of the technique or concept being discussed. 

If you know how to play melodies of your favorite standard songs and have a familiarity with basic 7th chords, ProProach is your ticket to learning how to play those chords more creatively. Perhaps you have listened to pianists playing those favorite tunes of yours and always wondered how they were able to get those unique, flavorful professional chords sounds. Well, ProProach will serve as the connecting link between where you and are and where you want to go musically.

Much thought and passion went into the creation of this program. Each time you take yourself through each of these 25 lessons, you will gain greater insights. 

A unique characteristic of ProProach is that you will not only be put in touch with professional chord sounds but you will actually be shown how to incorporate these sounds into your very own standard songs.

This is your opportunity to add lots of harmonic flair to your playing and you can enjoy learning at your very own pace in the privacy of your own home. Be prepared for a true transformation in your playing! Learn more here

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